Alcohol Information School

Alcohol Information School is an eight hour alcohol class usually held on a Saturday. At this class you will learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse. You will learn how alcohol abuse can impact your career, relationships, family life and health. Generally, this class is taught by a professional substance abuse counselor, and the class can cost between $90.00 upwards to $150.00.

If you have been arrested for DUI and you enter any kind of plea bargain the court will require you submit to an alcohol assessment. If the professional alcohol counselor determines you do not have a substance abuse problem at a minimum you will be required to attend Alcohol Information School. An experience and intelligent DUI attorney will demand their client get an alcohol assessment long before a judge requires it. If you evaluation states you need Alcohol Information School that same experienced attorney will require their client to complete the class long before their DUI case have been resolved.

Why attend Alcohol Information School before a judge tells me to do it?

Getting your alcohol assessment and finishing the Alcohol Class before a judge requires it demonstrates that you are taking responsibility and impresses the court. You will also want to complete the DUI Victim Impact Panel too. It also helps your DUI defense attorney negotiate with the prosecuting attorney.

Prosecutors want to ensure the safety of the community. Again, if you are proactive and complete these steps you are showing the prosecutor that you are willing to educate yourself about substance abuse. They become more willing to offer a plea bargain. Any reduction from a DUI charge will most likely result in avoiding some serious mandatory DUI penalties.