Washington State considers Driving Under the Influence a serious crime. The government can successfully prosecute a DUI case by proving the defendant provided a .08 or higher breath or blood sample, or if they can convince a jury that the DUI defendant operated their motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

Some prosecutors even file criminal charges against individuals that provide a breath or blood sample lower than the .08 limit because the DUI defendant appeared under the influence through subjective observations of the arresting police officer. It is crucial that you retain an experienced Washington DUI Attorney to combat aggressive prosecutions.

Washington Mandatory Minimum DUI Penalties

A Washington State DUI conviction will require the defendant to serve mandatory DUI Penalties. This includes jail, a driver’s license suspension and probation conditions that severely limits and inconveniences any lifestyle. A Washington DUI conviction will greatly affect finances, employment and the family. However, there is hope when you have a leading DUI defense attorney at your side. Contact us for a free consultation.

Washington DUI Civil License Suspension

A Washington DUI arrest can also trigger a civil administrative hearing initiated by the Department of Licensing. The administrative hearing is separate from the criminal proceeding. If an adult defendant provides a breath or blood test sample of .08 or higher, or refuses the evidentiary breath or blood test, DOL will suspend or revoke the driving license privilege. DOL will initiate the same proceedings against a minor that provides a breath or blood sample of .02 or higher, or refuses the evidentiary breath or blood test.

The Washington State DUI license suspension or revocation period can last from 90 days to two years for a first offense. Upon license reinstatement, DOL will require proof of SR-22 Insurance for three years. It is vital to discuss this situation with an experienced attorney. Contact us today for a free legal consultation from experienced Washington DUI attorneys.

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