One Leg Stand

The One Leg Stand is the final standardized field sobriety test which requires the DUI suspect to raise either their left or right foot of the ground six inches. The suspect’s arms must be at the sides during the test. They must look at their raised foot and point their toe forward. The DUI suspect must count one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, and so forth until the police officer tells the suspect to stop. The police officer will require you perform this test for 30 seconds.

The police officer is looking to see if the suspect:

  1. Sways during the test;
  2. Raises their arms six inches or more away from their body;
  3. Drops their foot to the ground;
  4. Starts hopping on one foot.

Just think about doing this test right now. Can you successfully complete this test at home alone? Put yourself in other people’s shoes. How athletic are they? Are they physically fit? How old are they? In your opinion, is everyone equally coordinated and as agile as others? The One Leg Stand test is not for everyone. The One Leg Stand test would be hard for most people to complete when sober.

Now let’s add another level of complexity to the One Leg Stand test; your surrounding environment. Can you maintain your balance on the should of an interstate highway? Six feet away from you cars and trucks are zooming past doing 50 mph to 70 mph. Of course the rushing wind is going to impact your balance. Of course the noise of cars speeding past you is going to affect your balance. The mere fact you are part of a police investigation will jack your heart rate up also will impact your performance.

The officer will state they are taking all of this “under consideration,” but at the end of the test if you fail you will get the hand cuffs.