SR-22 Insurance

The Department of Licensing regulates the driving privilege of licensed drivers in the State of Washington. Various incidents can trigger a driver’s license suspension or revocation. When a driver loses their privilege to drive because of a license suspension or revocation DOL will require that driver to carry SR-22 insurance upon license re-instatement. Usually, this requirement is imposed for a term of three years.

When the driver purchases SR22 insurance their insurance carrier will file proof of the SR22 insurance with DOL. If the driver ceases to carry the SR22 insurance the driver’s privilege to drive in most cases will be suspended automatically. This form of auto insurance is considered a high risk insurance policy. Expect the SR22 auto insurance quote to be expensive. In some cases your current auto insurance rate will double or triple in cost.

Some individuals have inquired if they need the SR22 insurance if they do not drive for three years. Waiting three years will not prevent the SR22 insurance requirement. It is a mandatory condition for license re-instatement.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Washington it is imperative you contact an experience Washington DUI attorney to protect your driving privilege and minimize long term auto insurance costs. Contact us today for a FREE legal consultation to discuss your DUI case.