DUI Legal Forms & DOL Forms

DUI Civil License Suspension

Below are relevant forms associated with a DUI arrest. Most of the forms are related to driving sanctions and license suspensions relating to the DUI arrest. Download these forms for your use.

Court Related DUI Legal Forms

  • AA Attendance Log
    During a DUI arraignment hearing, a judge may require the DUI defendant to attend weekly AA meetings. The DUI defendant will be required to keep a record of their AA attendance. Failure to provide AA meeting attendance proof can result in being incarcerated until the DUI criminal case is concluded. Do not fabricate AA meeting attendance. This will also result in immediate incarceration.

Department of Licensing Forms

  • Temporary Restricted License Application
    Some individuals serving a drivers license suspension may qualify for a Temporary Restricted License. The Temporary Restricted License permits driving seven days a week during a 12 hour window that you pre-designate. The Temporary Restricted License requires proof of SR-22 Insurance, and in some cases, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device.
  • Ignition Interlock Device Verification
    The Department of Licensing regulates our privilege to drive within the State of Washington. Some license suspensions or criminal convictions require the Department of Licensing to restrict the driving privilege mandating installation of an Ignition Interlock Device. This form provides verification of installation of the Ignition Interlock Device.
  • DUI Administrative Hearing Request
    This form is critical in preserving the driver license privilege after an arrest for Driving Under the Influence. In most cases, the Department of Licensing will initiate a civil lawsuit to suspend or revoke the driver license privilege after a DUI arrest. The license suspension or revocation is automatic unless this form is filed within 20 calendar days of a DUI arrest. File this form before that deadline and contact an attorney immediately before this hearing. Visit our Attorney Referral page.
  • Change of Address Notice
    The Department of Licensing mails important information about the status of an individual’s driver license. It is vital their records are properly updated with a proper mailing address. Most driver license suspensions allow for an administrative hearing. However, there are hasty deadlines to request such a hearing. Failure to update a correct mailing address may prevent receipt of important notices.
  • Driver Record Request
    The Department of Licensing maintains a database of drivers’ driving record. The driving record provides information about traffic infractions, criminal traffic convictions, accidents and more.
  • Intent to Seek Deferred Prosecution
    Some DUI defendants may file an Intent to Seek Deferred Prosecution form with the Department of Licensing. In some cases a Deferred Prosecution will prevent the civil license suspension. A DUI defendant must qualify for the Deferred Prosecution. It is imperative to seek legal counsel before submitting this form. Visit the Attorney Referral page.