DUI Probation Review Hearing

A DUI Probation Review Hearing can be initiated by the court or a probation officer. In most cases, a probation review hearing occurs because the court has reason to believe that the defendant has violated one or more terms and conditions of probation. During the Sentencing Hearing the court will imposed lifestyle restrictions for a period of time. If you have been convicted of DUI in Washington State that period of time is five years. Typical DUI probation conditions include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. No new criminal law violations
  2. Do not drive without a valid license and auto insurance
  3. Attend Victim Panel
  4. Complete a substance abuse assessment and follow through on recommended treatment
  5. Pay fines and court fees
  6. Install an Ignition Interlock on any vehicle you operate

If you have violated any terms or conditions of your probation expect a Review Hearing. At the hearing the court must find by a preponderance of evidence that you in fact committed the violation. This is accomplished by the prosecution presenting evidence of the alleged violation. Criminal history records or witness testimony will be presented. The defendant will be able to present evidence in their defense and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you have a drunk driving attorney represent you on this matter. Because if you are found to have violated your probation the court can impose the remaining jail and or fines from your original sentence.

The best advice is to not violate your probation and to follow every term and condition set by the sentencing court. Judges tend to impose harsher penalties at Review Hearings than they do at the Sentencing Hearing. If you do have a Review Hearing pending to determine a probation violation you must contact our Seattle DUI attorney to best represent your legal interests.