Seattle Drunk Driving Attorney

Seattle Drunk Driving Attorney & Lawyer

A Seattle drunk driving attorney will protect your best legal interests when you are facing a DUI charge in the City of Seattle. The Seattle police aggressively patrol for drunk drivers under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, and every night many individuals will be arrested for DUI in Seattle. Whether you have too many after work at a downtown bar, or you are enjoy partying it up in Belltown or Pioneer Square chances are you will set stopped eventually. So why do you need a drunk driving attorney instead of any lawyer?

Well the mandatory DUI penalties are a good reason. First time offenders will go to jail, lose their drivers license, will be on probation for five years and suffer other life altering consequences if convicted of DUI. Does work require travel to Canada? Have relatives in Canada that you visit often? Not with a DUI conviction. Canada bars entry to those with a DUI conviction. You must hire an experienced Seattle drunk driving attorney in order to avoid as many of those harsh penalties as possible.

We will put you in contact with a lawyer that has decades of experience handling DUI cases and criminal matters. It is crucial that you retain an experienced Seattle drunk driving attorney to combat aggressive prosecutions. Contact us for a free DUI consultation.

Seattle Drunk Driving Lawyer

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