Washington State DUI

DUI Portable Breath Test Laws

WAC 448-15-030
Test protocol.

After advising the subject that this is a voluntary test, and that it is not an alternative to an evidential breath alcohol test as described in chapter 448-13 WAC, the operator shall determine by observation or inquiry, that the subject has not consumed any alcohol in the fifteen minutes prior to administering the test. If the subject has consumed alcohol during that period, the officer should not administer the screening test for probable cause purposes until fifteen minutes have passed. If the subject responds that they have not consumed any alcohol in the last fifteen minutes, the officer may offer the subject the opportunity to provide a breath sample into the PBT. If the subject consents, the operator will check the temperature of the device to ensure that it is within the normal operating range. The operator will then press the "read" button to obtain a sample of ambient air, and ensure that this results in a reading of 0.003 or less. The subject will be asked to exhale into the device. The device will be activated towards the end of the subject's exhalation, to capture a portion of end expiratory breath for analysis.

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