Washington State DUI

DUI Portable Breath Test Laws

WAC 448-15-020
Use of test results.

The devices described in WAC 448-15-010 are approved for use in aiding police officers to form probable cause that a subject has committed an offense involving the consumption of alcohol. The test results, when obtained by a trained operator using an approved device which has been maintained and certified according to the rules described below, and carried out according to the approved test protocol, will show to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the test subject's breath alcohol concentration. The results are therefore suitable to show whether an officer has probable cause to place a person under arrest for alcohol related offenses. These results may not be used on their own for determining, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a person's breath alcohol concentration exceeds a proscribed level such as anticipated under the 'per se' statutes for intoxication.

This preliminary breath test is voluntary, and participation in it does not constitute compliance with the implied consent statute (RCW 46.20.308).

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