Washington State DUI

DUI Blood Test Laws

WAC 448-14-030
Qualifications for a blood alcohol analyst.

(1) Minimum qualifications for the issuance by the state toxicologist of a blood alcohol analyst permit shall include college level training in fundamental analytical chemistry with a minimum of five quarter hours of quantitative chemistry laboratory or equivalent, with a passing grade.

(2) The state toxicologist shall issue a blood alcohol analyst permit to each person he finds to be properly qualified, and he shall hold written, oral or practical examinations to aid him in judging qualifications of applicants. Such permits shall bear the signature or facsimile signature of the state toxicologist and be dated.

(3) The blood alcohol analyst permits are subject to cancellation by the state toxicologist if the permittee refuses or fails to obtain satisfactory results on samples periodically distributed to the permittees by the state toxicologist.

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