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Various Washington State Governmental and legal resources are listed below. Washington State statutes, laws and administrative rules regarding DUI are also listed below. These sections will be updated frequently, however there is no guarantee every statute and rule are current when viewed. We suggest you check other resources to confirm the DUI statutes you seek are the current state of the law.

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Experienced and aggressive attorneys for Washington State and across the nation can represent and safeguard your interests. These are trusted lawyers providing legal advice in various practice areas ranging from business, family, probate, real estate law, criminal defense and DUI defense.

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The government resource section provides website information for important Washington State agencies ranging from the Department of Licensing, Department of Revenue, Legislature, Senate and other vital services. Political parties of the State of Washington are also listed in this section.

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There are various forms relevant to Driving Under the Influence in the State of Washington. Many of the forms are critical for the civil administrative license suspension triggered by most DUI arrests. An AA attendance log record is listed in this section as well.

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There are various attorney associations across the State of Washington. The Washington State Bar Association governs and regulates the license to practice for attorneys. The other bar associations localized groups, usually by county, that provide local specific lawyer resources. Court rules and the Rules of Professional Conduct are also listed in this section.

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The Revised Code of Washington list all the statutes and laws enacted at the state level. Some cities may have a municipal code such as the City of Seattle. However, the RCWs provide a good starting point for legal research. This section provides relevant DUI laws for the State of Washington.

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In addition to laws that regulate the crime of DUI, there are also administrative DUI rules. The Washington Administrative Code ( WAC ) lists all the administrative rules for Washington State. The sections listed on this website pertain to the crime of DUI. Some sections cover the administration of the DUI breath test, portable breath test and rules for the civil administrative DUI license suspension.

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There are various courts within the State of Washington. Those accused of the crime of DUI are usually under the jurisdiction of municipal courts or county district courts. This section provides contact information for municipal and district courts within five Western Washington counties.

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