Washington State DUI

Deferred Prosecution Laws

RCW 10.05.030
Arraignment continued — Treatment referral.

The arraigning judge upon consideration of the petition and with the concurrence of the prosecuting attorney may continue the arraignment and refer such person for a diagnostic investigation and evaluation to an approved alcoholism treatment program as designated in chapter 70.96A RCW, if the petition alleges an alcohol problem, an approved drug treatment center as designated in chapter 71.24 RCW, if the petition alleges a drug problem, to an approved mental health center, if the petition alleges a mental problem, or the department of social and health services if the petition is brought under RCW 10.05.020(2).

[2002 c 219 § 8; 1999 c 143 § 42; 1975 1st ex.s. c 244 § 3.]

Intent -- Finding -- 2002 c 219: See note following RCW 9A.42.037.

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