Washington DUI Rules and DUI Codes

Washington Administrative Code - DUI Rules

Washington State DUI Laws & DUI Codes

The Washington Administrative Code includes DUI rules that govern various aspects of DUI evidence collecting. A DUI blood test, roadside breath test, and evidential DUI breath test all require standards and quality measures. The WAC codes also explain the roles of various individuals responsible for training police officers in administering the DUI breath test and for maintaining the breath testing machines.

Washington Analysis of Blood Samples for Alcohol Rules

There are circumstances when a blood test is administered on a driver suspected of Driving Under the Influence or other serious traffic crimes. The State Toxicologist creates these standards for blood alcohol testing.

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Washington Preliminary Breath Testing Rules

The Preliminary Breath Test device or Portable Breath Test measures an individual's breath alcohol concentration on the roadside. This is a test the police officers use during an DUI investigation before an individual is actually under arrest. It is not a very reliable device.

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Washington DUI Breath Testing Rules

The State Toxicologist creates various rules for the DUI breath testing program. These rules apply to the BAC DataMaster and CDM breath machines. Learn the qualifications of breath technicians, instructors and operators. Review the breath testing rules discussing foreign substances, interference and invalid samples.

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