Washington State DUI

Revised Code of Washington - DUI Laws

Washington State Statutes & Laws

Statutes of the State of Washington are referred to as the Revised Code of Washington or RCW. There are also rules or code provision named the Washington Administrative Code or WAC. There are numerous RCW and WAC provisions relating to the crime of Driving Under the Influence. The Washington State Legislature revises various sections or entire provisions annually. New legislation can have significant impacts upon the drunk driving landscape. Prosecutors and defense attorneys must be familiar with changes in DUI law in order to represent their clients properly. Below are critical DUI RCW laws.

Washington State Deferred Prosecution

Washington State offers a unique program for DUI defendants. The Deferred Prosecution enables, defendants that qualify, an opportunity to "escape" criminal prosecution of a DUI. Escape, however, is not an accurate term. The DUI defendant must agree to 5 years of strict probation with harsh conditions and requirements. The accused must also attend a 2 year substance abuse treatment for their alcohol or drug addiction.

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Washington Ignition Interlock Device

There are occassions when the Department of Licensing can mandate a driver to install an Ignition Interlock Device in any vehcile the driver operates because of a DUI conviction. Even administrative license suspensions can result in imposition of this sanction. The Ingnition Interlock Device is a biological breath testing device that attaches to the ignition system of vehicles. If the vehicle breath testing device detects alcohol the automobile will not start or will shut down.

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Washington Commercial Driver's License

Drivers with a CDL endorsement must abide by strict laws governing the privilege to operate commercial vehicles. There is virtually a zero tolerance policy for any commercial truck driver to have any alcohol in their system while on the job. Recently, the Washington Legislature imposed significant CDL consequences for criminal traffic convictions when the commission of the crime involved the personal vehicle of the CDL holder. If you have a CDL endorsement, but get a DUI in your personal vehicle on your personal time, expect severe license suspensions and CDL endorsement impacts.

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Washington State DUI Laws & Other Traffic Crimes

Washington State maintains aggressive DUI laws protecting the community safety and severely penalizing DUI offenders. A DUI conviction will result in manadatory jail, license suspension, steep fines, Ignition Interlock Device installation and multiple probation conditions. Washington also criminalizes Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving First Degree, Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault. The DUI laws and other traffic crimes are found in RCW 46.61.

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Washington Boating Under the Influence

Boating Under the Influence is a crime in the State of Washington, and every year individuals are arrested for BUI. Washington offers various lakes, rivers and direct access to the Pacific Ocean. A boater under the influence of intoxicants or drugs that causes a serious injury or death to another will face a Class B and Class A felony respectively.

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