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Frequently Asked Questions About SR–22 Insurance

High Risk Insurance FAQs

How long do I have to carry SR–22 insurance in Washington State?

There are various events that can trigger a requirement to carry SR–22 insurance in Washington State. Some criminal traffic convictions will result in a driver's license suspension. After the driver's license suspension the defendant may seek to reinstate their driving privilege. The Department of Licensing regulates driver's licenses in Washington State. DOL will require the defendant to maintain SR–22 insurance for 3 years. This will be a requirement for DUI, Reckless Driving, Vehicular Homicide, Physical Control and Vehicular Assault convictions. Some Hit and Run convictions will trigger this requirement as well.

When my driver's license suspension is over can I wait 3 years before reinstating my license to avoid the SR–22 insurance?

No. The "3 year period" is not the condition to reinstate your driving privilege. The condition that must be met is carrying the SR–22 insurance. Waiting for 3 years before reinstating your driving privilege will not let you escape the SR–22 insurance requirement.

How much does SR–22 insurance cost?

The cost of SR–22 insurance depends entirely upon your driving record. Past clients mentioned their insurance premiums increased only a few dollars per month. However, younger drivers tend to suffer greater insurance premium increases. Some young drivers reported their insurance costs doubling and even tripling when they were required to carry high risk insurance.

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