Washington State DUI

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Under the Influence

Washington State DUI FAQs

How can I avoid getting a DUI?

Surprising, this question is asked often. The answer is very simple. Do not consume alcohol prior to driving. Also, do not consume intoxicating drugs, illegal or prescribed drugs, prior to driving. There are no tricks or schemes you can utilize that will enable you to drink and drive and without risk of being arrested for drunk driving.

What should I do if I get arrested for DUI in Washington State?

Washington State considers DUI a severe crime, and the state DUI penalty schedule is very harsh. Anyone arrested for DUI in Washington State must discuss their options with an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately after the DUI arrest. Even though you may not have a court date the clock is ticking the second you are arrested for DUI. Do not wait to contact an aggressive DUI lawyer. Proceed to our contact form now for a free initial consultation.

How can we prevent impaired or drunk driving?

Americans prefer to travel on the path of least resistance, so those options will be discussed first. Our state governments need to increase DUI awareness in an honest and committed fashion. Do not trust slogan such as, "Drive Hammered, Get Nailed!" That slogan misleads the citizenry in believing only drunks are arrested for DUI. Not true. Many western Washington county prosecutors charge people with DUI even when the breath test results were only 0.03. Governments need to fund truthful DUI advertising campaigns.

Significantly increase the mandatory DUI penalties will have a better effect. Currently, Washington State increases the DUI penalties incrementally each year. A few more dollars for this fee or a few more for that fee has no deterring effect. Make a first time offender serve 10 or 15 days in jail instead of 1 or 2 days.

The only way to completely eradicate impaired driving is to make it impossible to operate a motor vehicle when the driver has alcohol in their system. This is the path of great resistance. This is the path Americans will not accept because we cannot be bothered with "inconveniences." However, if we can finally overcome that tiny encumbrance then we can successfully stop DUI. Require every vehicle driven in the United States be equipped with an ignition interlock device. The interlock device is a breath alcohol detecting device. If the interlock detects alcohol then the automobile will not start. That is how you eliminate DUI in the United States.

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