Washington State DUI

Seattle Municipal Code

Seattle Criminal Traffic Laws & Authority

SMC 11.56.010 Arrest Powers

Seattle Police Officers may arrest suspects when probable cause is established.

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SMC 11.30.105 Vehicle Impoundment

There are certain circumstances when the Seattle Police will impound a vehicle. Usually, the driver must be the registered owner and they have violated certain SMC provisions. It is very common for Seattle Police to impound a vehicle after a DUI investigation.

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SMC 11.56.020 Driving Under the Influence

The City of Seattle enacted their own DUI law which they enforce under their municipal code. Section A details the DUI law and section B covers Physical Control.

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SMC 11.56.025 Seattle DUI Penalties

The City of Seattle also enacted a separate municipal code to specify the DUI mandatory minimum penalties. This provision is comprehensive and explains what one would expect if convicted of drunk driving in Seattle.

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SMC 11.56.120 Seattle Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving in Seattle is not limited to only wilful and wanton disregard of persons or property. It also encompasses street racing and traveling at excessive speeds.

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SMC 11.56.350 & .355 Seattle Ignition Interlock

These provisions explain when driving without an Ignition Interlock Device is a crime. These laws also explain that it is illegal to circumvent or to deactivate the Interlock device.

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