Municipal Court of Seattle

Seattle Municipal Court

The Seattle Municipal Court is the a Limited Jurisdiction Court. All misdemeanor crimes, gross misdemeanor crimes and traffic infractions occurring in the City of Seattle will be adjudicated in the Municipal Court of Seattle. This court is by far the most busy court in the entire State of Washington.

Seven elected judges hear all legal matters brought for prosecution by the Seattle City Attorney's Office. The current judges are:

Honorable Fred Bonner Honorable Edward McKenna Honorable Willie Gregory
Honorable Karen Donohue Honorable Steve Rosen Honorable Kimi Kondo
Honorable Judith Hightower

The Seattle Municipal Court is located at:

Seattle Municipal Court
600 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-1900

The Seattle Municipal Court offers many services available online. Here are a few of those services:

Court Public Information
Online Ticket Payment
Jury Duty Information

Jury duty information can also be obtained by calling 206-684-5688.

1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 2388
Seattle, Washington 98154