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Getting a Seattle DUI is common because the Seattle Police Department understands the dangers of Driving Under the Influence and they utilize a special DUI police unit. These police officers receive extensive training and education for detecting drunk driving. Typically, the DUI police patrol during the late evening to early morning hours of the day. However, there is at least one DUI police officer at every Seattle professional sporting event. That means you should have a highly trained Seattle DUI lawyer at your side when you appear in court.

DUI officers will also assist in directing traffic before a Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Mariner's game. After these sporting events these officers are ready to apprehend fans that are drunk driving. Members of the Seattle DUI Squad drive patrol cars equipped with a video and audio camera. Every second of the DUI investigation will be captured on video. All the more reason to retain experienced Seattle drunk driving attorney.

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At least two members of the Seattle Police Department DUI Squad are trained as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). DRE police officers must complete a rigorous course in drug DUI detection and investigation.

The Seattle Police Department DUI Squad is responsible for apprehending over 1,000 individuals suspected of Driving Under the Influence annually. If you are arrested for DUI in Seattle you must contact an Seattle DUI attorney immediately. Seattle will prosecute your criminal case within days. Contact us for an aggressive and experienced Seattle DUI defense. The initial consultation is free.

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