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The standards in this section outline the circumstances and procedures for decertifying individual DREs or DRE instructors. In order to ensure that standards of performance are maintained, a means is needed for removing from the roles of the program those persons unable to meet the criteria of competence and professionalism. The responsibility for maintaining program standards lies with the agency and the appropriate DRE coordinator. It shall be incumbent upon all DRE coordinators to ensure that certified DREs meet approved standards for conduct and qualifications.

4.1 Decertification shall occur when a DRE or DRE instructor fails to meet minimum standards and requirements for certification or recertification, or demonstrates evidence of
· poor performance,
· inconsistent findings, or
· other substantiated acts on the part of the DRE that reflect discredit upon the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program.

Commentary: All DREs are responsible for maintaining and forwarding to the appropriate DRE coordinator information regarding required training or experience. If such information is not provided in a timely manner, certification will lapse.

Local agencies and licensing/certification bodies may, at their discretion, establish certification and decertification criteria to conform to local laws or rules. Nothing in these standards should be construed to overrule local authority in establishing standards no less stringent for the performance of officers in this area or to prevent an agency from following internal disciplinary or administrative personnel procedures.

4.1.1 Before decertification is finalized, a DRE or DRE instructor will be given written notice by the initiating DRE coordinator of the reasons for decertification. The subject of the action shall have the opportunity for a written or an oral response to the initiating DRE coordinator.

4.2 Requests for voluntary decertification will be honored when submitted by a DRE or DRE instructor to the section IACP staff and with approval of the agency appropriate DRE coordinator.

4.3 Cases involving poor performance or inconsistent findings shall be referred to the agency appropriate DRE coordinator for investigation, recommendation and action.

4.4 Certification of a DRE shall not terminate as long as the DRE meets the requirements of Standards 1.1 and 4.1.

4.5 The state DRE coordinator, upon the recommendation of the agency DRE coordinator or based on substantiated independent knowledge shall initiate the decertification process against a DRE or DRE instructor. The state coordinator shall inform the IACP staff of all decertification actions. In instances where these complaints have not been resolved by the appropriate coordinator, these complaints will be referred to the state’s Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for resolution.

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