Traveling to Canada & DUI Conviction

DUI Convictions Prevent Crossing the Border into Canada

Entering Canada with a DUIThe Canadian Government will prevent certain non-Canadian citizens from entering Canada under their restrictive immigration laws. These individuals are members of an Inadmissible Classes. The Inadmissible status prohibits an individual from entering Canada and remaining within their borders. People often confuse this concept because they believe they can enter Canada as long as they are not driving their vehicle. That is incorrect. Having Inadmissible status means you cannot enter, visit or travel to Canada.

Some criminal convictions will prevent a non-Canadian citizen from crossing the border into Canada. Minor offenses like shoplifting, theft, possession of illegal substances, and unauthorized possession of a firearm will prevent entry. Felony criminal convictions will also deny entry into Canada.

Canada and a DUI Conviction

Canada regards DUI / DWI as an extremely serious offense. A conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI) will qualify you as a member of the Inadmissible Class. Those non-Canadian citizens with such convictions will not be allowed to cross the border into Canada freely.

The Inadmissible status can be removed, after a period of many years, by applying for a Minister's Approval of Rehabilitation. Although, you can visit Canada before the Inadmissible status is removed. This requires you apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. The Temporary Resident Permit allows you to visit Canada for a single purpose or for a limited period. This process requires completion of forms and paying fees. It is strongly recommended you retain the services of an experienced Immigration attorney to handle this process on your behalf. An Immigration lawyer will know how to expedite the request and will not make mistakes causing delay.

Canada DUI

Persons may apply for a Temporary Resident Permit, Approval of Rehabilitation, or Permission to Return to Canada either in Canada or at one these Canadian visa offices in the United States:

The Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo, NY
The Canadian Consulate General in New York, New York
The Canadian Consulate General in Detroit, Michigan
The Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, California
The Canadian Consulate General in Seattle, Washington

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