Washington State DUI

WPIC 6.01 Credibility of Witnesses and Weight of Testimony

WPIC 6.01

You are the sole judges of the credibility of the witnesses and of what weight is to be given the testimony of each. In considering the testimony of any witness, you may take into account the opportunity and ability of the witness to observe, the witness' memory and manner while testifying, any interest, bias, or prejudice the witness may have, the reasonableness of the testimony of the witness considered in light of all the evidence, and any other factors that bear on believability and weight.

WPIC 6.31 Defendant's Failure to Testify

The defendant is not required to testify. You may not use the fact that the defendant has not testified to infer guilt or to prejudice [him][her] in any way.

WPIC 6.51 Expert Testimony

A witness who has special training, education, or experience may be allowed to express an opinion in addition to giving testimony as to facts.

You are not, however, required to accept his or her opinion. To determine the credibility and weight to be given to this type of evidence, you may consider, among other things, the education, training, experience, knowledge, and ability of the witness. You may also consider the reasons given for the opinion and the sources of his or her information, as well as considering the factors already given to you for evaluating the testimony of any other witness.

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