Washington State DUI

WPIC 151.00 Basic Concluding Instruction

WPIC 151.00

When you begin deliberating, you should first select a presiding juror. The presiding juror's duty is to see that you discuss the issues in this case in an orderly and reasonable manner, that you discuss each issue submitted for your decision fully and fairly, and that each one of you has a chance to be heard on every question before you.

During your deliberations, you may discuss any notes that you have taken during the trial, if you wish. You have been allowed to take notes to assist you in remembering clearly, not to substitute for your memory or the memories or notes of other jurors. Do not assume, however, that your notes are more or less accurate than your memory.

You will need to rely on your notes and memory as to the testimony presented in this case. Testimony will rarely, if ever, be repeated for you during your deliberations.

If, after carefully reviewing the evidence and instructions, you feel a need to ask the court a legal or procedural question that you have been unable to answer, write the question out simply and clearly. [For this purpose, use the form provided in the jury room.] In your question, do not state how the jury has voted. The presiding juror should sign and date the question and give it to the bailiff. I will confer with the lawyers to determine what response, if any, can be given.

You will be given [the exhibits admitted in evidence,] these instructions [,] and verdict form[s] for recording your verdict. [Some exhibits and visual aids may have been used in court but will not go with you to the jury room. The exhibits that have been admitted into evidence will be available to you in the jury room.]

You must fill in the blank provided in [the] [each] verdict form the words “not guilty” or the word “guilty”, according to the decision you reach.

Because this is a criminal case, each of you must agree for you to return a verdict. When all of you have so agreed, fill in the verdict form(s) to express your decision. The presiding juror must sign the verdict form(s) and notify the bailiff. The bailiff will bring you into court to declare your verdict.

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