Washington State DUI
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DUI Jury Instructions

Jury Instructions

When both the prosecution and defense concludes presenting evidence and testimony, the Court will read to the jurors a set of jury instructions. The jurors use the jury instructions for guidance during deliberations. The jury instructions will explain the duties of each juror during deliberations and the instructions explain the current state of the law. Jury instructions can be created from case law or from standard forms. WPIC instructions are the standard forms for Washington State. Below are typical WPIC and case law jury instructions introduce at a DUI jury trial.

WPIC Case Law
WPIC 1.02A Instruction 1
WPIC 1.04 Instruction 2
WPIC 4.01A Instruction 3
WPIC 5.01 & 5.20  
WPIC 6.01, 6.31 & 6.51  
WPIC 95.10  
WPIC 151.00  

Other states might use proposed jury instructions or model jury instructions.

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