What is a Washington State Deferred Prosecution?

By Garth O'Brien | November 19, 2006 
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Washington State DUI Information added Washington State laws regulating the Deferred Prosecution program. The relevant  Deferred Prosecution Revised Code of Washington provisions create a unique option for DUI defendants.

Washington State does require mandatory DUI Penalties for any DUI conviction. Second and third time offenders face stiff consequences including 30 to 120 days in jail, thousands in fines and years in driver license suspension.

A DUI defendant can enter the Deferred Prosecution program once in their lifetime. A Deferred Prosecution permits a DUI defendant suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or in some cases a mental health problem to escape criminal prosecution of their DUI incident. The defendant must enter a five year long probation. Many strict conditions are imposed by statute during the five years.

The DUI defendant must successfully complete two years of intense substance abuse treatment. During the entire five years the DUI defendant must abstain from consuming intoxicants and drugs, commit no new criminal law violations, submit to random breath of blood tests, and only operate a motor vehicle with proper driver license and insurance. There are many more mandatory conditions for the Deferred Prosecution.

After five years, the judge granting the Deferred Prosecution petition will review the DUI defendant’s file. If all the terms are completed successfully, the DUI charge is dismissed. The DUI defendant avoids jail, fines, and in some cases, the driver license suspensions.

For further information visit Deferred Prosecution at Washington State DUI.

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