Waverly, Ohio Police Let Drunk Drivers Go Free for $1,000

By Garth O'Brien | September 9, 2007 
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Ohio StateWaverly, Ohio. A shocking story has revealed that DUI offenders can make a $1,000 “donation” to the police department and be found guilty of a reduced charge when arrested for DUI. This deal is even extended to defendants that have multiple DUI convictions.

DUI defendants of Waverly just pay the “donation” and avoid jail, and license suspensions. None of these deals are even reported to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Those that cannot afford the $1,000 are not offered the deal.

Here is the definition of Bribe according to the American Heritage Dictionary:

1. Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person’s views or conduct.
2. Something serving to influence or persuade.

verb bribed, bribĀ·ing, bribes

v. tr.
To give, offer, or promise a bribe to.

v. intr.
To give, offer, or promise bribes.

See any similarities?

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  1. sara on December 30th, 2007 2:24 pm

    Ya oughta try livin’ there sometime! Ya’ll ain’t seen nothin’ yet!