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By Garth O'Brien | June 10, 2008 
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Washington State DUI Blog We recently updated our blogroll with some fantastic blogs that cover topics other than drunk driving. In particular we have added Seattle Foodster that reviews restaurants located throughout King County. They provide a snazzy snapshot of the dish they ordered in addition to a thorough review. Our friends at FilmJabber operate a massive site all about movies including reviews, trailers, contests and other news alerts.

If anyone is looking for an executive level or management level position in the greater Seattle area should visit our friends at Seattle Executive Recruiting. Not only do they have the inside track on all the available positions, but they also provide valuable information on how to work with job recruiters.

We also added a political blog with a liberal woman’s point of view. Jane Q. Citizen has a flair for writing and delivers her message in an edgy straight to the point manner. She also provides non-political commentary, so there is something for everyone.

The last thing a blog publisher wants is their traffic spending time on another blog, but these are valuable websites worth a visit.

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