Washington State Crime Lab Mishap Causes Evidence Suppression

By Garth O'Brien | May 26, 2008 
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Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Municipal Court created a panel of judges to hear the recent attack on breath test evidence. They have ruled in favor of the defense and suppressed the breath test evidence. Hundreds of DUI defendants will reap the benefit of the Washington State Crime Lab’s screw up. That is right, the Washington State Crime has bungled their own DUI procedures once again. Over the past decade thousands of DUIs have been amended to lesser charges or dismissed because of the constant incompetence of that office.

As a prosecutor they were a thorn in my side, and as a defense attorney they made everyday Christmas. That office creates rules and procedures relating to DUI. However, no one in that lab can follow the very rules they have created. This recent issue involves the former number two, Anne Marie Gordon, signing documents under penalty of perjury swearing that she personally created and tested simulator solutions. However, other lab techs actually created and tested the solutions. Whoops.

I suspect many other jurisdictions will follow suit with the Seattle Municipal Court, and potentially thousands will benefit from the suppressed breath test evidence. Congratulations Dr. Barry Logan on successfully running the crime lab.

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  1. KCActivist on July 20th, 2008 10:08 pm

    In my neck of the woods, prosecutors are using independant labs in addition to the State crime lab for blood testing in Veh.Hom and Veh.Assault cases and of course thats good and necessary. For the victims and their familys it means even longer to wait for charging to happen, and thats tough and very difficult. Charging doesn’t happen without those results. One alleged DUI homicide that occured in January has still not been charged 6 months later. For the victims/family its a long time to wait to see the wheels of justice start to turn, and of course the offender is out living his life as he pleases (and driving). I hope they get their act together soon at the crime lab. Maybe now that Dr. Logan has been replaced it will. I don’t know how Anne Marie Gordon sleeps at night. Didn’t they also lose the blood sample of Frederick Russell who killed the three kids and fled to Ireland?