Washington Redskin Cornerback Byron Westbrook Arrested for DUI

By Garth O'Brien | February 23, 2010 
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The Washington Redskins have nothing to be cheery about given their awful 2009 football season. However, the team snagged one of the league’s best coaches this off-season landing former Denver Bronco coach Mike Shanahan. A few more expected bold moves and the Redskins might be rolling in the W column again. The recent excitement around the Skins was pushed aside when cornerback Bryon Westbrook was arrested for DUI.

On February 20, just before 2:00 a.m. a Charles County sheriff deputy saw Westbrook driving erratically. Westbrook could not keep his vehicle within his own lane of travel veering over the lane lines frequently. Once stopped the officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and requested Westbrook participate in field sobriety tests. The NFL athlete “failed” the tests. Westbrook then declined to provide a breath test sample. Westbrook is awaiting notice of an arraignment hearing and of course will wait for any NFL punishment.

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