Washington Minor DUI Arrests and the need for an Attorney

By Garth O'Brien | October 31, 2009 
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Seattle, Washington. Did you know there is a Minor DUI crime in Washington State? It is a misdemeanor which means the maximum fine is $1,000 and the maximum time in jail is only 90 days. However, any amount of jail for your 16 year old daughter would be a harrowing experience. Think it will never happen to your son or daughter? Think again.

The Minor DUI crime is charge when a minor provides a breath test reading of 0.02 to 0.07. The DUI legal limit for adults in Washington is 0.08. So you are correct in thinking that a 0.02 reading is very low. In fact one beer most likely would trigger a 0.02 alcohol breath test result. Now are you certain your son or daughter would never get a Minor DUI?

The maximum penalties are not that harsh, and there are no mandatory penalties save a lengthy driver’s license suspension. So what if they end up with a conviction for Minor DUI? A conviction can harm their chances of pursuing a career in the military, law enforcement, some medical professions and perhaps any position requiring driving.

They can avoid a Minor DUI charge by simply NOT drinking and driving. However, if they are arrested for that crime then you must contact an experienced Seattle Minor DUI Attorney immediately. The first consultation is free and we can help protect your child’s legal interests and their future.

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