Vivica Fox Apologizes for her DUI Arrest – A Refreshing Celebrity Approach

By Garth O'Brien | June 23, 2007 
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Vivica Fox DUI

Los Angeles, California – June 15, 2007. Daytime Emmy Awards presenter, Vivica Fox, is taking responsibility for her lack of judgment which led to a DUI arrest on March 20, 2007. Vivica mentions, “It was a huge learning lesson.” “It is so not worth what you go through getting a DUI.” “Trust me, I’m going to hire a driver next time.”

This is a refreshing and welcome approach from a Hollywood celebrity. Recently, our news stories have been dominated by party girl Paris Hilton and her desperate attempt to avoid jail. Jail being a cell located in a “special” wing of the facility housing celebrities and the rich. It seems celebrities “get away” with following the law. That is not always the case. Vivica states it nicely, “We are not above the law.”

I applaud Vivica and thank her for taking responsibility in addition to openly talking about this incident. Celebrities are role models with millions watching their every move right and wrong. Vivica Fox is turning the misfortune of her DUI arrest into an opportunity to influence her fans that Driving Under the Influence is something to avoid.

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