Vermont Debating Stricter DUI Legal Limit – 0.05

By Garth O'Brien | March 29, 2008 
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Vermont DUIMontpelier, Vermont. Representative Bill Lippert, Democrat, is calling for Vermont to lower the DUI legal limit from 0.08 to 0.05. Vermont would become the first state in the union to reduce their legal limit below the 0.08 threshold. Lippert does not expect the House to actually adopt his recommendation this year, but is hopes this plants a seed for the 2009 session.

It was quickly noted that reducing the legal limit would require an increase for the Vermont Corrections’ annual budget. Lowering the limit will increase the amount of DUI arrests and the amount of people sent to jail. Vermont imposed harsher DUI mandatory penalties that required a $2.3 million increase to the corrections’ budget this year.

Too much money is spent on combating and preventing DUI. Too much money is spent on the DUI industry with zero return on investment for the taxpayers. Of course law enforcement, DUI defense lawyers, the court staff, Ignition Interlock providers, SR-22 insurance providers and many more are happy raking in tons of cash annually from DUI. Money provided by taxpayers.

We should divert a majority of those costs for development of an alcohol detecting device for all vehicles operated on US roadways. We are required to drive with a license, and most states require using the seat belt. We shoud be required to have an alcohol detecting device in our vehicles as well. Approximately 17,000 people die each year because of a drunk driver. Spending tax dollars on an alcohol detecting device for every vehicle would yield a much better return on investment. I know the 17,000 people that will die in 2009 from a drunk driver would agree.

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