Velvet Revolver Stalls Tour as Scott Weiland Contests DUI

By Garth O'Brien | December 8, 2007 
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Velvet RevolverScott Weiland, of the music band Velvet Revolver, will fight his DUI arrest in court. Weiland’s next court appearance is scheduled for December 13 in Los Angeles.

Fans will be disappointed to hear that VR has postponed the upcoming tour while Weiland maneuvers his way the the legal nightmare of a DUI. Rumors suggest Weiland is stricken with “exhaustion” or cannot travel because of the pending criminal matter. Duff McKagan, of VR, was not clear which caused the tour delay.

I love the exhaustion excuse our celebrities use when they over consume alcohol or drugs. Ninety percent of my waking hours are spent working and I have yet to suffer from exhaustion. However, to be fair I also have not over consumed alcohol or drugs while working my long hours.

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