Toyota Developing an Alcohol Detection Device for Vehicles

By Garth O'Brien | January 1, 2007 
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Toyota is developing an alcohol detection device and hopes all their new vehicles will be equipped with the device by 2009. The criminal justice system relies upon Ignition Interlock Devices as a DUI prevention tool for those convicted of a DUI. Toyota’s alcohol sensing device does not rely upon a breath sample like the Ignition Interlock requires.

Toyota’s alcohol detector is built into the steering wheel. If the sensor detects abnormal amounts of alcohol in the sweat of the driver then the vehicle with slow to a halt. The detection device may even slow to a halt upon registering abnormal steering. Toyota may even install a camera that will measure the driver’s pupils for any intoxicant or drug induced phenomena.

Toyota already has competition for installing alcohol detecting equipment. Nissan is testing breath sample devices similar to the Ignition Interlock Devices. Last year Japan experienced a significant increase in alcohol related vehicle accidents that resulted in deaths. A family of five was killed by a drunk driver sparking the motor company race to equip their vehicles with alcohol detecting devices.

These devices are just like the seat belt and air bags. No one has a right to drive. It is merely a privilege regulated by state governments. It is about time our state governments and the auto industry make alcohol detecting devices as standard vehicle equipment. To read more about that subject here: Standard Automobile Equipment.

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