Thurston Co. Prosecutor David Soukup Enters DUI Deferred

By Garth O'Brien | August 25, 2007 
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Washington State DUISnohomish County, Washington. A prosecuting attorney for Thurston County petitioned a Snohomish County Court for entry in the Deferred Prosecution program.

Washington State offers a Deferred Prosecution only once in the defendant’s lifetime. The program is 5 years long with stringent probation conditions. Some of the mandatory terms include: abstain from consuming alcohol and non-prescribed drugs, attend 2 AA meetings per week for at least 2 years, install an Ignition Interlock Device for 1 year, pay fees and a slew of other conditions.

If Soukup successfully completes the DP program the criminal DUI charge will be dismissed. He will avoid jail, driver license suspension, high risk insurance and many other ugly consequences. If Soukup fails to comply with any condition the court can terminate the DP agreement and find Soukup guilty based solely upon the police report. Soukup would then face Washington’s harsh DUI penalties.

Soukup was arrested for DUI in June and had a blood alcohol level of 0.111 and 0.109. Washington State’s DUI legal limit is 0.08.

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