Three More Drunk Driving Videos Uploaded

By Garth O'Brien | March 29, 2008 
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Funny DUI VideosThree new drunk driving videos were added to the Washington State DUI website. We do not condone drunk driving and firmly believe it is a dangerous plague responsible for thousands of deaths each year. However, you must admit watching a drunk driver getting tasered or sprayed with mace can be quite amusing.

The first video shows poor Steve riding his lawn mower during a beer run. While speaking with the police officer Steve decides to urinate, and the officer whips out his pepper spray.

The second reel of film clearly demonstrates that drinking alcohol affects our balance. This poor DUI suspect does a header into the pavement.

Finally, we watch a very angry lady proclaim that white women are not violent criminals. She continues her verbal onslaught and removes her handcuffs while in custody. Never take your handcuffs off while in police custody. The police do not find this amusing. Officers in this video bust out their taser and zap the DUI suspect.

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