Thou Shall Not Road Rage! Vatican Issued Commandments

By Garth O'Brien | June 20, 2007 
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Vatican City. The Holy city encourages drivers to follow their new Ten Commandments for traffic safety. Cardinal Renato Martino mentions that driving is a significant part of life. Maybe religious practices can influence manners or subdue anger in drivers. Speeding, road rage and rude gesturing are a few incidents drivers must avoid. DUI was right there as well. Drinking and driving do not mix.

Reciting the Rosary while driving is one way to remind a driver to remain calm and mild mannered. However, the Vatican suggested reciting the Rosary in a “gentle repetition” preventing any driver distraction. A heavy metal rendition simply would not be appropriate.

Hopefully the influence of the Vatican will gain traction. The World Health Organization states an estimated 1.2 million people die in auto accidents each year.

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