The Super Bowl is over and all you got was a DUI

By Garth O'Brien | February 8, 2010 
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Seattle, Washington. The Super Bowl is the biggest NFL game of the year, and this Super Bowl was no exception. The underdogs and fan favorite Saints knocked off Peyton Manning’s powerhouse Colts. Many of you probably watched the football game at a Super Bowl party checking your betting pools, watching the anticipated yet dull commercials and finally drinking lots of alcohol. Yes, beer goes hand in hand with Super Bowl parties.

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days for DUI cops? It also happens to record a huge instance of domestic violence as well. Only half of the fans end the day happy while the other half face disappointment. Inordinate amounts of alcohol consumption can fuel poor decision making whether those decisions involve driving home or being able to control anger.

The Seattle Police Department has a very experienced and well manned DUI Squad. Our Washington State Patrol troopers are also well trained in detecting and arresting drunken drivers. They are all on high alert during Super Bowl Sunday. I am sure dozens upon dozens were arrested for DUI in Washington State.

If you were arrested for DUI on Super Bowl Sunday in Washington State then you must contact us immediately for a FREE DUI consultation. That is doubly important if you were arrested for a Seattle DUI by a Seattle DUI squad police officer. Only an experienced Seattle DUI attorney can help protect your legal rights.

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