The Alphabet Test DUI Field Sobriety Test

By Garth O'Brien | December 18, 2009 
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During a Washington DUI investigation the police officer is looking evidence that would establish the driver is Driving Under the Influence of intoxicants. One of the field sobriety tests some police officers use in the State of Washington is the Alphabet test. Many friends remark they could never repeat the Alphabet backwards while sober, so it would be impossible for them complete while drunk.

Well they do not have to worry about repeating the Alphabet backwards while drunk. That is because in Washington State repeating the Alphabet backwards is not part of the Alphabet field sobriety test.

The police officer will ask that you stand with your feet together and to keep your arms at your sides during the test. The police officer will instruct you not to begin the test until the officer tells you to begin. The police officer then will provide the test instructions:

You must state the Alphabet from A to Z without singing or stopping until you reach the letter Z. Do you have any questions? If there are no questions the police officer will tell you to begin the field sobriety test.

The police officer is looking for you to repeat letters, miss letters, jumble the sequence of the letters, swaying while standing in a prone position, starting the test too soon and if you are slurring your speech. Sometimes the police officer will describe your speech as “thick tongued.”

Just like all of the other field sobriety tests in Washington, the Alphabet test is voluntary. There are no consequences if you refuse to participate in this test. That means you should NOT take this drunk test. If you have been arrested for DUI in Washington, then you must contact a top Washington DUI lawyer immediately. This is the best way to protect your legal rights and interests.

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