Steven Rhone’s Story Part 1 – Why I Maintain a DUI Website

By Garth O'Brien | October 13, 2007 
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Initially, I maintained Washington State DUI for marketing purposes to support my private DUI defense law practice. I spent two years as an Assistant City Attorney for Seattle prosecuting criminals, and then became a highly trained and experienced DUI defense attorney. After thousands of cases and seven years of criminal litigation I needed a change. My career path led me to the tech industry and a new world of challenges.

However, what was I to do with Washington State DUI? The answer was easy. Use the website for public awareness and education. Express my frustrations as a prosecuting attorney and former DUI defense lawyer. Both sides battle feverishly within our flawed system and our law makers sit back and fail each year to correct the problem. Drinking and driving do not mix. Without proper education and awareness good citizens commit and are arrested of DUI everyday. Do not believe me? Search “DUI” in Google News and you will find a slew of police officers across the nation arrested each week for DUI. These are the people that know the dangers of DUI intimately, yet they are still arrested for this crime.

Washington State law enforcement spends thousands of tax dollars on dishonest advertising each year. They love shoving the despicable slogan, “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed!” The common citizen thinks, “Only drunk people get DUIs.” Think again people. Most prosecuting agencies around King County charge people with DUI when their breath test results read a mere 0.03. That is far below the state legal limit of 0.08.

Our brilliant Attorney General, Rob McKenna, was heard on a radio advertisement stating DUI was a choice. McKenna maybe you should use a new slogan to fight DUI. Good people are arrested for DUI because Washington State law enforcement advertises you must be hammered to get a DUI. One martini can get most people to a 0.08 and they do not feel “drunk.”

I digress. I maintain Washington State DUI to educate the public. My experience as a former prosecutor and DUI defense attorney can provide visitors a dual prospective surrounding various issues about DUI. However, I cannot inform the public what it feels like to lose a loved one to DUI. I have not suffered that loss. Then Sandra Rhone left a comment on this blog asking how she could express her pain to others. Sandra lost her son to a drunk driver this past June.

This story continues in Steven Rhone’s Story Part 2 – Damian Scott Mackay Guilty of Vehicular Homicide .

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