Stellar Officer Cox Arrests DUI Suspect – 0.00 BAC

By Garth O'Brien | November 7, 2007 
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Corvallis, Oregon – November 2, 2007. Officer Cox conducted a traffic stop and detected signs consistent with alcohol consumption; running eyes. The driver was arrested. When I defended DUIs I hated the watery eyes, glassy eyes, or running eyes bulls%&t. Well this time that crappy piece of evidence bit Officer Cox in the rear.

Turns out the “DUI suspect” just had a common cold. The suspect provided a breath test of 0.00 and a blood test with negative results for drugs. Whoops. I guess driving while having a cold is not illegal in Oregon.
Officer Cox has plenty of time to learn that tidbit of knowledge as he is on administrative leave. I applaud his department’s actions by removing this ace cop from the streets. Officer Cox better start practicing, “Ketchup or mustard with that?”

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One Response to “Stellar Officer Cox Arrests DUI Suspect – 0.00 BAC”

  1. Corvallis on November 7th, 2007 4:23 pm

    Cox has resigned. I purchased a bucket of chicken from him yesterday for lunch.