Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack Resigns From Utah Post

By Garth O'Brien | January 21, 2010 
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Sheldon Killpack, a now former Utah state senator, was arrested for DUI nearly one week ago. Killpack held the very powerful position of Senate Majority Leader. His arrest created a large blemish on the legislature and his political party. However, Killpack made an extremely courageous decision and resigned from his leadership position and from the senate altogether. Killpack released the following statement:

“My heart weighs heavy. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the legislative process, my legislative colleagues and for my constituents. At this time the Legislature would be a distraction from what is most important and, frankly, I find that I have become a distraction to the Legislature. In light of that, I have decided to tender my resignation as majority leader and as a Utah state senator, effective immediately. I am sincerely grateful and touched for the outpouring of support and love expressed to my family by so many of my constituents and friends. Thank you.”

Most public figures and celebrities desperately cling to their power and prestige until their legal matter has been settled. They ignore the fact they are a blight on their position or office. They forget how uncomfortable they make their colleagues working environment by”sticking around” while the court process slowly grinds to finality. Sheldon Killpack clearly understands this and made a honorable choice. We wish him good luck with his future endeavors and hope he learns from this incident and never again endangers his community by drinking and driving.

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