Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton’s Funeral Procession

By Garth O'Brien | November 6, 2009 
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tim-brentonNovember, 6, 2009 – Seattle, Washington. Today the Seattle Police Department and the Brenton family paid respects to their fallen colleague and loved one Timothy Brenton. Brenton’s colleagues and family were not alone with this sorrowful task. Hundreds of officers from other jurisdictions were there with them. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend his public memorial service today because I was traveling to Canada for a law conference. I desperately wanted to attend the service to show my support to my Seattle Police Officer friends and the Brenton family. Although, I was a Seattle Assistant City Attorney forĀ  a mere two years, I have many friends in blue.

I embarked on my Canadian trip heading north on Interstate 5 at about 9:00 a.m. It started as a typical November day with the ominous gray clouds and our famous Pacific Northwest rain. However, I noted numerous police cars on the shoulder of Interstate 5 southbound. I also saw emergency vehicles lining every overpass between Seattle and Marysville. It donned on my that these civil servants were waiting for their fallen brother. Officer Timothy Brenton lived in Marysville, Washington. His body was being transported from his hometown to Seattle for the memorial service.

As I was getting closer to Marysville the amount of law enforcement present grew exponentially. The patrols cars seemed eerily silent while their red and blue lights whirred. Officers stood stoically on the freeway shoulder in the rain, and suddenly traffic heading southbound on Interstate 5 disappeared. For a half mile I-5 south was empty. Then the Seattle Police Department motorcycle squad appeared around a corner. They rode in a column of two side by side at a perfect pace with an equal distance between each row. Then a convoy of dark SUVs, and finally, an army of police cars with emergency lights spinning humbly cruised behind. All of the officers standing on the side of the freeway stiffened and brought their right hand to their forehead in a salute, entered their patrol cars and joined the procession.

The northbound traffic nearly came to a halt and with my driver’s window rolled down I was stunned at the quietness of the highway. I unsucessfully fought back tears, and wished all the men and women serving in the line of duty and that the Brenton family did not have to endure this tragedy. May you rest peacefully and those responsible face swift and extreme justice.

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  1. DaniG on November 16th, 2009 3:49 pm

    Loved this post. You are a talented writer and your blog shows it. Thanks for “friending” me. I will look forward to seeing more from you! DG

  2. Marriage Records on November 19th, 2009 11:39 pm

    May his sole rest in peaces.