Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton Killed in the Line of Duty

By Garth O'Brien | November 1, 2009 
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Timothy BrentonSeattle, Washington – October 31, 2009. Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was murdered in his parked patrol car on Halloween night. The shooting occurred at 29th and Yesler Way in the Leschi neighborhood. Brenton was a field training officer and had rookie Britt Sweeney in his squad car. Sweeney ducked during the initial hail of bullets, called for back-up and returned fire. Sweeney was wounded in her back and is recovering.

SPD claims this was clearly an assassination and they have committed every available detective and crime scene investigator to hunt down the animals that perpetrated this heinous act.

Brenton leaves behind his wife and two children ages 8 and 11. Brenton’s father and uncle are retired Seattle Police Officers. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Brenton family.

I cannot claim to understand the pain and sorrow they are experiencing. However, my Great-Grandfather James O’Brien was slain in the line of duty as a Seattle Police Detective on January 21, 1921. He left behind my very young grandfather and his two brothers and sister. They were a very close Irish-Catholic family growing up and the Seattle Police Department took very good care of them but the death of their father weighed heavily on them all. That dark memory always remained throughout their triumphs and successful lives.

I can only dream the killer or killers of Officer Brenton will receive the same justice the killer of my great-grandfather received, but it will not happen in today’s legal system. My great-grandfather’s murderer was tried, convicted and hung six days after he pulled the trigger.

If you have any knowledge leading to the arrest of Officer Brenton’s murder please contact the Seattle Police Department immediately. Help get the monster or monsters off our community’s streets.

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