Seattle Police Department Lieutenant Donnie R. Lowe Busted

By Garth O'Brien | March 18, 2009 
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Donnie Lowe DUISeattle, Washington. Lieutenant Donnie R. Lowe of the Seattle Police Department entered a plea of not guilty to a DUI charge at his recent arraignment. The criminal charge stems from an arrest on November 23rd.

A trooper of the Washington State Patrol witnessed Lowe’s vehicle drifting in the lanes. During the traffic stop the trooper noted an odor of intoxicants, and that Lowe had bloodshot and watery eyes. To make matters worse the trooper also saw that Lowe had what appeared to be an alcoholic drink in his cup holder. Back at the police station Lowe produced a breath sample of 0.113. The DUI legal limit in Washington is 0.08.

The Seattle Police Department is suffering further embarrassment over this incident because Lowe supervised the SPD security detail at President Obama’s inauguration. Many believe this was a privilege that he did not deserve after being arrested for drunk driving.

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