Seattle DUI Squad – Seattle Police Patroling for Drunk Drivers

By Garth O'Brien | June 23, 2007 
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Seattle DUI

The Seattle Police Department has a large Traffic Unit enforcing traffic infractions and crimes. In this larger unit is a specialized traffic unit called the DUI Squad. Around a half dozen Seattle Police Officers belong to the DUI Squad.

These officers are trained to detect impaired drivers and to properly conduct a DUI investigation. There primary function is to search for those Driving Under the Influence or assist other officers that have conducted a traffic stop and suspect that individual is under the influence. Members of the DUI Squad patrol in marked police cars equipped with video and audio equipment.

The Seattle DUI typically works the night shift, however they can be seen at sports events as well. There is at least one DUI Squad officer at Mariners, Seahawks and Sonics sporting events. They assist in directing traffic before the games, and then look for impaired drivers after the games.

It is a difficult job being a member of the DUI Squad. These officers work nights and attend motion hearings or trials during the day. They work around the clock keeping the streets of Seattle safer for the community. The Seattle DUI Squad arrests over 1,000 drivers suspected of being under the influence of intoxicants annually. That equates to 2.7 to over 3 DUI arrests a day for Seattle.

If you are arrested in the City of Seattle of DUI it is best to retain experienced legal counsel. The Seattle police are well trained and the Seattle prosecutors are not afraid to take cases to trial, but that is for another post.

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