Seattle Attorney Anne Bremner Charged with DUI

By Garth O'Brien | August 20, 2010 
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Anne Bremner DUI ArrestKenmore, Washington. Seattle area criminal defense attorney, Anne Bremner, was charged with DUI and her arraignment is scheduled for September 1, 2010. Bremner is widely known for representing police officers that fall on the wrong side of the law and she is somewhat of a celebrity. Bremner can often be seen on CNN, Fox News, and TruTV as a legal commentator.

She probably never expected to be a defendant herself, but on June 4 a King County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Bremner for drunk driving. The police officer observed Bremner driving on a flat tire. During contact the officer allegedly observed signs consistent with impairment. Bremner has countered that she was a victim of a hit-and-run driver, and the accident caused head or brain trauma which can explain her “impairment.” The officer processed her for DUI, and booked her into jail. That is a rough way to end a night especially on your birthday; Bremner turned 52 on June 4.

After a few months to regain her composure and mount a defense she is ready to begin the case. Bremner has a psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Lindsay, affirming she was involved in a high speed collision that resulted in a concussion. Dr. Lindsay suggests the officer rushed to judgment by concluding Bremner was impaired by an intoxicating substance. Clearly, Bremner intends to do battle with the prosecutor Sarah Roberts. This new bring it on attitude is much different than the cloak and dagger approach originally sought after when Bremner tried blocking disclosure of the arrest details.

I do not know Bremner but wish her luck. Winning a DUI case is very difficult for a defendant, but having the power of the media, celebrity status and lots of disposable income certainly increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

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