Seahawks’ Jerramy Stevens Arrest for DUI & Marijuana

By Garth O'Brien | March 14, 2007 
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Scottsdale, Arizona – March 13, 2007. Jerramy Stevens is known for big catches and for big time drops in the NFL and among Seattle Seahawks fans. Jerramy Stevens is also known for Driving Under the Influence and being arrested by police. In 2001, Jerramy Stevens was arrested for Hit and Run of Property. Stevens decided to drive his vehicle into a building and then flee the scene. It was not clear whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

In 2003, Jerramy decided to drink and drive through Medina, Washington with a two open bottles of champagne in the vehicle. Stevens spent some time in jail for this matter.

You can rely upon Jerramy to make either a play making catch or drop a game losing pass. Now we can rely upon Jerramy Stevens Driving Under the Influence. On March 13, 2007 police in Scottsdale, Arizona noticed Stevens make a U-turn. Jerramy demonstrated difficulty operating his vehicle by swerving frequently.

During the traffic stop the police officers detected evidence of alcohol consumption. Jerramy’s eyes were “bloodshot and watery,” he spoke in, “slow, slurred speech.” Stevens also had difficulty maintaining his balance while just standing. Admitting to consuming 4 or 5 margaritas did not help his case either. A margarita is not one drink per hour.

Jerramy further made his situation worse by possessing marijuana. Stevens must have forgotten that when you are arrested you are searched by the police. Stevens left a baggy of marijuana in his back pocket. Jerramy was then taken to the police station for further processing.

At the police station Jerramy refused to submit to a breath test. Police officers got a warrant and Stevens was forced to provide a blood test. Blood tests are more accurate than a breath test, and blood tests will list any drugs in Jerramy’s system. A breath test cannot detect drug ingestion. Jerramy Stevens will appear in court for an arraignment on April 2.

The Seattle Seahawks made a brilliant move by signing Marcus Pollard of the Indianapolis Colts the same day Jerramy Stevens was arrested for DUI. Marcus Pollard is a solid tight end and was a red zone target for Peyton Manning. Marcus may not be as agile and fast as Stevens, but I welcome Marcus as a Stevens replacement.

Hopefully, the disgraceful former University of Washington Husky will be moved by the Seattle Seahawks. By the way we did not even mention Jerramy’s legal problems while attending Udub. That issue was much more serious and heinous.

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