Seafair Nets 70 Drunk Boaters – BUI

By Garth O'Brien | September 1, 2007 
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Drunk BoatingSeattle, Washington. The annual Seafair celebration always ends with three days of fast boats and fast jets. The weekend includes hydroplanes roaring across Lake Washington and the Navy’s Blue Angels screaming throughout the Seattle skyline. It is a massive party involving 300,000 plus spectators on the water and lakeshore.

Every Seafair brings hundreds of pleasure boats converging upon the Stan Sayres pits near Seward Park. Many remain overnight attached to the logboom. This is a fantastic atmosphere, but too many boaters take it too far. It is illegal to operate a boat under the influence in Washington State. The 2007 Seafair event produced an astounding 70 Boating Under the Influence (BUI) arrests.

BUI in Washington State is a misdemeanor crime and does not involve mandatory criminal penalties like DUI. A BUI arrest or conviction does not even impact an individual’s driver’s license. Although the State of Washington does not treat BUI as serious as DUI it is still irresponsible to operate a boat drunk.

Many people receive permanent injuries and die each year from drunk boaters. Seventy boaters under the influence in such a concentrated location is insanely dangerous. Incredibly no one died at that location. Drive responsibly and boat responsibly. Do not drink and boat.

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