Scott Weiland Enters Plea at First Court Appearance

By Garth O'Brien | March 8, 2008 
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Los Angeles, California. Frontman, Scott Weiland, of Velvet Revolver entered a plea through his attorney in court this past Wednesday. Weiland maintains his innocence which is not surprising at an arraignment hearing. Very few defense attorneys and judges would allow a guilty plea at a DUI arraignment because of the harsh mandatory penalties of a DUI conviction.

Weiland posted a whopping $40,000 bail, and his pretrial hearing is set for April 4. The bail amount seems quite high, but Weiland pleaded no contest to a DUI in 2004, and his current incident involved an accident. Even with those facts I never saw a judge in Washington mandate such a high bail. Judges would save that amount for offenders with several DUI convictions.

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